look at this thing i got at the airport when leaving germany
it’s a giant tic tac box filled with tiny tic tac boxes
Huge Sales Post!!


So, I was encouraged by somebody to make a large sales post with pics of the dragons and prices, etc. This is a bunch of dragons so there’ll be a few pics and then the rest will be under the cut. None of these come with the apparel they’re currently wearing.

Lvl 25 RosePinkSky Female I’d like about 350k for her. She has scratch, shred, eliminate, three berserker stones and two ambush stones.

Lv 25 Triple Pink Male Scratch, Shred, Eliminate, Berserker Stones and Ambush Stones as well. I spent close to 2 mil on him 600k-900k Coatl Scroll when they were new, the stones and everything. I’m not going to get near the half I want for him (1 mil) unless someone REALLY loves me so I’d be good with between 400-500k. 

Triple Purple Triple Gened Male 

I’d like about 200k for him. I paid about twice that.

Triple Lavender Triple Gened Female 

200k as well.

Triple Magenta Male 200k 

Triple Rose Female Lvl 7 200k

Triple Mulberry WC. I’d like at least 100-150k for him please.

The rest will be under the cut. Not all are expensive, just these few.

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Friends who bring up embarrassing things you did a long time ago 



Happy Monday!  Today’s flash giveaway prize is a Lightning Sprite and an Electrician’s Power Pack!
Rebagel with your username and lair id
Likes don’t count, one entry per person!
You do not have to be following me!
Ends at 20:00 FR time TODAY, July 28.
Good luck~!  And please check in every monday for another flash giveaway, and every friday with skysamba for another! :D

Peachie #38251

2 years later still the dumbest shit i ever seen



astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day



Festival time again!
same as the last couple of months enter to win a full set of holiday items
user name
and your favorite holiday sprite or familiar
ends Sunday August 3rd at rollover
good luck

Peachie #38251 Nature Sprite